I've always been fascinated by the relationship between Batman and Catwoman in Batman Returns.   Here we have the strangest of couples.  As the Bat and Cat they fight viciously, all the while feeling an “animal attraction” to one another.  As Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, they also find themselves with undeniable romantic feelings.  Everything comes together near the end of the movie when they reveal their identities to each other.  By then, though, Selina has descended into madness, and she electrocutes the man who tried to kill her before disappearing altogether.  We are left with her last words to Bruce that she'd love to come live with him, but she couldn't live with herself and the film’s final image of a reintegrated Catwoman watching the Bat-signal shine in the Gotham night sky.

            Catwoman never resurfaced in any subsequent Batman film, so we have a lack of closure for this very intriguing couple.  Given some time apart to think things over, what would two people with dual identities and attractions do next?  I think they would each realize at some point that the attraction will not go away and maybe, just maybe, they can find a way to make such a crazy relationship work since they are so alike.  At the very least, it would probably occur to them to give it a try after the dust settles.

            I imagine myself as the creator of a weekly dramatic Batman series subsequent to Returns, and these stories are my episodes.  I incorporate many concepts and themes from Batman comics, other movies, and animated series, but the world of Burton’s films is my starting point, for better or worse.  I seek to retain the dark, serious feel of those films while discarding their more bizarre elements and applying my own spin.

My first story, Catwoman Returns (the title seems logical, if not original), takes place 1 1/2 years after Batman Returns.  It brings their relationship to a less abrupt, more natural point.  They’re still not together (that’s what sequels are for), but the conclusion flows and seems more satisfying than the movie’s ending.

Catwoman’s origin in the comics and graphic novels has changed many times, often in contradictory ways, so it’s like a jump ball for a storyteller.  Because Tim Burton’s depiction of Selina as a mousy secretary who becomes the brazen feline after her boss tries to murder her is not popular with fans, I try to focus on what she did after becoming Catwoman.  Although my stories are based in the Burton universe, her origins are not as important to my interpretation.  Suffice it to say, she’s got a murky past. 

            Batman source material is not my only inspiration.  From Mission: Impossible and Wild Wild West to James Bond and Miami Vice, my stories contain many nods to the TV shows and movies which influenced me over the years.

  All in all, it’s really a kick to get inside these characters’ heads.  My “personal canon” is not to everyone’s taste, of course, but for those who catch the vision, I do hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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